My 12 month journey on #GrowingGreyHair Gracefully!!

Grey hair post

I am a little late in writing about what 12 months of grey hair has taught me. But I feel it is important to have topics like this so others will feel inspired to do the same.
The whole experience brought me back to basics and simplicity. I too was growing during the last 12 months.
 I was going through a lot of ups and downs in one year. I experienced loss, a cancer scare to someone close to me, a minimalist lifestyle and the need to start a new career in life. Mind you I’m still the same person as I have always been but being grey and going through what I have gone through this past year gave me a new outlook on life.





Starting from where it all began.
 I love this picture because it’s the day I’ll never forget. It was June 13, 2015, my henna dye was freshly done the night before for this beautiful, sunny day. As mentioned my whole life was dependent on my hair therefore if I had an event or even a simple gathering such as a picnic and my roots were showing OMG everything had to be stopped to hide the indecent grey. I had to look young, vibrant and fresh in everyone’s eyes. And so that day I felt like I was on point, my roots were done and we were going to have the time of our lives at this picnic. The gathering was hosted by several of my friends from high school. We spent the whole day enjoying the weather, the food and the company. I haven’t seen one of my high school friend in years. We were once so close, we worked at the same part time job at McDonald’s in our teens to having worked for the same tech company in our twenties. But we went our separate ways as soon as she had her first child. Thankfully, we reconnected once again. That day she was glowing, always smiling, she was expecting her second child, a girl. I was ecstatic to see her! We reminisced about the past, shared stories, exchanged recipes but more importantly we made a promise that we would never part again. We had to keep in touch. And so we did. I found out that the following day we would cross paths again. I accompanied my BF who had an appointment at the same hospital my friend was going to do her ultra sound. However, that morning as my BF and I were on our way to the hospital, I received a text from her saying that she was done her ultra sound and that she was on her way to work. I was disappointed I didn’t get to see her one last time, but I respected the fact that she did not want to take advantage of missing a full day of work. So we exchanged texts, said our goodbyes and wished each other a good week. Throughout that week I stumbled upon an amazing blog called  How Bourgeois, I’ve mentioned this blogger in my previous posts as my inspiration to my grey hair journey but this was literally a prequel to this endeavor. In case you have not read my past posts, the author created a blog about growing out her grey hairs in her early 30’s. I read her posts back to back and I was hooked. That’s when I had an epiphany! For the first time I decided to accept my roots. I did not even think twice about it. I knew this was a sure thing. I am fairly young (ok back then I was 36) and I do not have “that” many wrinkles. So why not! This meant freedom for me. Freedom that I no longer had to be dependent on my mom for retouching my roots every other week. I was all in. And for that moment I remember I was soo happy to tell my friend from high school my new journey in life. By the end of the week I found out my friend was finally going into labor. I wished her good luck on fb and that I could not wait to see her and her new addition….

Grey hair roots

That following Monday, July 6, 2015 I remember taking my first selfie to document my hair experiment, as seen above. As you can see, almost 2 weeks in and my grey sprouted. That moment I knew it was going to be a very long journey. It was week 1 and I already felt uncomfortable, but I had to brave through it. I was thinking some things could be worse than grey hairs or could it ??? I was driving for an appointment that afternoon until my whole body literally did an outer body experience. For a brief moment, my last rendezvous with my high school friend that just gave birth to her daughter flashed before my eyes. I got the news that she passed away due to complications. You can imagine every emotion, feeling, memory, thought process, realizations, theories on what had happened went into overdrive. But whatever happened did happen and it’s over. And just like that, your life could change in an instant. Suddenly nothing really mattered, not my materialistic things or my daily complaints. I was just numb and vulnerable to my surroundings. I and everyone who heard of the news were in total shock. Everyone attended the service, it was basically my 19 year high school reunion. It was at this time, in this environment as egotistic this may sound, and I do apologize for it, the second thought that came to my mind was the funeral service. This was going to be the first test in showing my grey roots in a public event. As mentioned this was an idiotic and selfish thing to worry about at that time, but I remember it so vividly. I parted my hair fully to the side, like a side sweep so no one would notice, but who am I fooling, it’s noticeable. As everyone exchanged their greetings at the service and started to share stories, I started to explain my hair experiment to my colleagues and friends. They went along with it, but who wouldn’t, basically nobody cared about my hair!! Really….

I’m the only one making a big fuss over it at a funeral that I had to explain myself!!

I thought to myself this is crazy !!!

Grow up and just face the facts, YOU ARE OLD, ALIVE, WHILE YOUR FRIEND IS NO LONGER HERE!! SHUT UP IT IS JUST HAIR !! Get over it!!

I just want to stress that my grey hair meant absolutely nothing in the end. As cliché as it may sound, we literally have only 1 life to live and it’s a short one. What is truly of value is our life and everyone in it. Many poured their heart out in aid to help with the widowed father (who was also our high school click). When more and more people heard of the tragic news, strangers started donating their time and generosity in terms of diapers, clothes, food, formulas and money. A gofundme page was finally created to expand everyone’s generosity. I was truly touched, I witnessed a village come together to help a single father. ( If you would like to make a donation you still can by going to the link, gofundme )

The picture below is the funeral service with most of our high school friends. My friend who passed away somehow manifested onto the flat screen at the far left of the pic, smiling. (Me, in the middle wearing glasses, hair parted to the side)




I will never forget that first month. I survived it growing out my grey in public …. Check ✔️, 
11 more months to go. I remember I was constantly looking in the mirror, thinking it will make it grow faster, but it didn’t lol. My usual hairstyle would be hair slicked back, tied in a ponytail. That was my go to look for the next 4 months. As you can see below.


It wasn’t easy-going through this transition. So I decided to improve my look, my style and created a new identity. So I invested in a great pair of eye frames  (great purchase for under $185, which will be my future blog post). See looks below.

LEFT: Black Cat Eye Frames
RIGHT: MINT round spectacles

Grey hair looks

These are all little things I picked up in order to distract others from the negative comments of being grey. I learned to accept my look for what it is and it’s the freedom that makes it easier along the way.


MONTHS Three & Four

So during the fall, mid October, I found out my mother had basal cell carcinoma. It’s a type of skin cancer that can easily be treated if found early, which luckily my mother caught in time and remedied the whole thing. I briefly wrote about it in my blog “the-silver-lining-of-going-gray‎. That whole experience reassured me that  I knew I was doing the right thing.

This was my hair roughly 3 to 4 months. I am telling you it’s worth documenting ! I think my roots grew about 2-3 inches then.
Grey hair



So here I was at the 5 month mark. I love this picture, it was at this point I gained more confidence in my decision.

I pursued the natural route because I did not want to be a victim of cancer or of anything in that matter. I wanted to be independent and free. My look was slowly coming together! Here’s to 7 more months!






In January of 2016, I went away for 3 weeks to Mauritius. A tiny dot, seen in maps, parallel to Madagascar. It’s a small island in the Indian Ocean known to tourists as Paradise. I was fortunate to go on this trip because my BF was born in Mauritius and his parents reside there.

This will be my second time going to this majestic island but “my first time” letting my roots show in another country or in another time zone for that matter. I remember the “first time” I went to Mauritius about 2 years ago, I was wearing a bandana through the rest of my trip because 1 week in, you guessed it my roots began to show. And I remember my BF specifically saying “you should let your roots go” … Be careful what you wish for … Lol.. Here you can see my first trip to Mauritius, wearing my headpiece. Umm ya no…lol

Bandana hair

Back to the trip in January, I actually did not mind that my hair was out in the sun. I brought my chemical hair free products to undo any damage the salt water did to my hair. (Which I will post about DIY hair recipes for white hair soon! ) I was actually comfortable during my stay there. The tourists and locals, well, they had a different opinions. The locals were of Indian, Asian, Muslim and Christian influenced. It is a very multi cultured country to which add a bit of grey hair into the mix and I became a minority. It was not all that bad, I did not feel uncomfortable at all. The people there were nice and polite. But you see they were a lot of senior Parisian tourists during the time that we went in January of this year. So I got a lot of stares and some were even eager enough to ask me if that was my real hair. To which I replied confidently “Oui, c’est mes vraies couleur de mes cheveux!” English –“Yes it’s my real hair color!” . They were just curious and shocked, acting more like kids then adults. I wouldn’t blame them, if I were their age I too would be shocked since grey was slowly being considered as a normal hair color. It was at this point I was 6 months in and I ventured in different hair styles since I didn’t bring any of my hair accessories like my blow dryer or hair straightener. I basically let nature take its course. The weather forecast was very hot and humid for most of the time. As you can see I just did a make shift crown, by rolling my hair to the side and pinned it. Voila! lol

Grey hair

But besides my hair, I also wanted to point out what I did in my 1 month stay in Mauritius !! You see it’s a 9 hour time difference and almost a 24 hr trip. So for the first time in several years I took advantage of the traveling time and the environment. So I began reading again. You are probably wondering what does this have to do with anything? Well my collection of books were of the following “The China study” and “The Blue Zones”. I was fascinated with the non-fiction books because it is a reference type of book about studies on diet, proper eating habits, food, lifestyle and illnesses. I was so intrigued about what I was reading that I was researching about making a career out of it. And it was during my vacation I was researching and emailing online schools about becoming a registered holistic nutritionist. And….. So I did !!



After I came back from vacation I choose between 1 of the 2 schools CSNN and ALIVE academy. And February of 2016 I enrolled in Alive Academy.


I’m going to blog more about my experience with Alive Academy in a separate post. But all this to say that, I slowly found myself, by accepting who I am. I let go of myself by going natural as much as I can. To be free from the washed up chemicals, and to embrace a healthier way of living. I am a vegetarian (I don’t eat meat, but I eat fish), Raw Foodst, grey haired blogger, who loves living a natural lifestyle and who is experiencing a change in career as a registered holistic nutritionist. My goal is to educate and to assist others in living a healthier lifestyle.

Oh this was my hair in March 2016. It was a long transition but the outcome is well worth it!

Grey hair



So during the next 2-3 months my hair started to take shape. The color blended more evenly and I decided to update my look on getting a fresh new hair cut !!
(See pic below )
Grey hair

It was the first time in years maybe ever that I parted my hair down the middle. I was so used to having my hair parted on the side. But by parting it down the middle it looked more natural and less of an eye soar creating an ombré effect. And with the new hairstyle I had to get a new wardrobe.
Along with the new look, I wanted to maintain a minimalist lifestyle. Being a fashion designer by trade it’s kinda of challenge since I love making and buying materialistic things, especially if it’s trending. This year has especially taught me the value of money, waste and longevity of things. I no longer buy makeup, feminine or even hair products. I make my own stuff. (Again I will post about it) I try to recycle most of my belongings and other items. I have come into realization that in the past I wasted a lot of money on clothes, accessories, shoes, gadgets, but more so on clothes. I would buy items that were in style and toss it aside to never look back on it. Or I would only wear a cocktail dress once just so I would not be seen wearing the same dress twice ! WTF is that logic? Does that even make sense! People are starving or worse dying to make our clothes for us only to wear it once! We spend money and lots of it to wear things erratically. In the end this creates unwanted waste and pollution. It was from this I decided to invest in convertible clothing. Convertible clothing are pieces to which you can wear them in different styles (forward/backwards, inside/out, etc) multiple times to get more longevity out of it! I researched like mad about “convertible clothing ” and found some really good links and brands that people should invest. Here are some links below!

Ximena Valero 




Of course you can find more options on Pinterest!

It is slowly growing into a trend just like Raw Food was 5 years ago .
But because of this, I decided to make my own shop on etsy called “eme0pronouncedm“. You can also follow on ig “@eme_pronounced_m “. My collection is versatile, modern and timeless. You can wear “eme” multiple times w/o making the waste! It’s lightweight so it’s great to travel in! (Which I wore them religiously when I went to Mauritius) Take a look for yourself here! You can see more on my link,”eme0pronouncedm“.



This is my hair end of May beginning of June 2016. You can tell I was having fun with the look. I was (still am) experimenting different hair styles, like the hair pulled back look, a double French braid or the wavy look. I also discovered how to make my hair shine and stay white, which I will leave it for my next blog 😉









And so it’s July 26, 2016, and this is how my hair looks. A little over a year until my last henna dye job and this is what I learned in a nutshell.

Grey hair

Hair is hair is hair is hair…..

I discovered a whole new me inside and out. A lot can happen in 12 months and it does fly by quickly! If you are willing to go through growing out your grey I suggest you go for it! You are not alone .

In the end it’s just hair.

I hope you enjoyed the long read and it inspires you to do the same!
Please feel free to comment below or share!

Until then Spoil Yourself Raw’tn!!!


5 Survival tips on Growing Out your Grey!



So you decided to grow out your grey naturally!! So now what? Well let me be the first person to congratulate you on your transition! Enjoy the journey and explore your new self. The transformation is very lengthy and not an easy one at that. So through my experience, I am here to share with you my very own top 5 survival tips and tricks to ease the process .

ONE – Be Mentally Prepared


To be mentally prepared means you can visualize the outcome and you accepted it. You acknowledged the fact that every month your roots will grow freely and that you will soon face your critics. If you have your mind set on this then it will be smooth sailing . You are probably wondering how do you mentally prepare yourself. It’s all about confidence and believing that it will turn out ok, besides, in the end it just hair. In all honesty, I gained most of my confidence by googling  the “grey hair trend”.  I was fascinated on how it was trending so freely. I felt secure and reassured that grey hair was no longer going to be associated with aging, but rather than just another common hair color all thanks to the web. Remember these images on the net are there forever, so go ahead take that step and go crazy !!


TWO-Create a Grey Hair Board 


With the amount of different shades of grey, hair styles and cuts, that are on the net, I was impressed. So I was inspired to create a “vision grey hair board ” (as seen above). I loved it so much I made it as home screen on my phone.  It was kind of like a pick me up, especially in the in between stages of growing out your hair. And you know what, it helped me tremendously, especially when I had to face my critics. (See my next survival tip)


THREE-Tell your Family & Friends First 


Ok the above pic is an exaggeration of how my family and friends reacted after I told them about my hair goals . However, it was actually the nae-Sayers, strangers  and critics who actually made that face. This is why it is important to tell your loved ones first, they will be your first critics, so you might as well hear it from them. In my experience, I told my family and friends, right after my last henna hair dye. I was mentally prepared for my outcome. Surely, I got some shocked looks, gasps and a bunch of “why’s”, but in the end they supported me. They knew I could pull it off due to my ever changing looks in the past. And as I shared my story  more and more, it eventually got easier explaining it literally to anyone. And believe me, people will ask , especially after your roots will show just under 1/4″ in length. They will probably hint it to you by suggesting a hair salon ever so diplomatically. And this is where your

✌🏻visual grey hair board✌🏻️

will come in handy to defend yourself amongst the haters. 👉🏼in my case, I persuaded my critics hinting IT to them that grey hair is here to stay . 💁🏼🎤 <dropped the mike>  Boom!


FourTake lots of Selfies


Not to be a narcissist or anything, but taking a lot of selfies helped me through my transition.  I did it so I could share my evolution on social media. And in doing so with Instagram ( I made a couple of friends going through the same process as I was. We ended up exchanging stories, giving tips and especially supported one another.

And to add, growing out your roots takes a long time, extremely long time, so it’s nice to have something to look back upon .

So grab your phone and take that first shot, who knows maybe someday you will post about your transition and inspire someone else to do the same!


Five Find yourself ! 


Yes! Yes ! Yes! Discover yourself! Remember you are not only changing your hair color, your improving your lifestyle and everything around you.
In my case, I went from wearing contacts to wearing big, cat eye frames and bold jewelry necklaces to distract my critics ! And it worked !

If you need some sort of inspiration, creat another “vision board” of how you want to see your new self! .( see above pic) Gather images of hairstyles, cuts, your new wardrobe or color palette! In doing so you will feel more relaxed and optimistic with your new look!

I loved changing my unconventional look. The more I updated my style, the more confident I became . So much so my critics started to accept me for who I am .


I hope you find these tips helpful !! Feel free to comment and add your tips below!

Thanks again and don’t forget to spoil yourself Raw’tn!!

☞I’m RAW’tn but not forgotten 📰 says the Blogger-Slacker 👓📝



I know, I know…I’m soooo raw’tn! I have abandoned my readers, my site!!  But I’m back blogging after a short hiatus. (ok not so short more like a 6 + month absence). Your probably wondering why I still have the site open since I haven’t posted anything yet! Well I’m here to tell you that I’m back and I’m here to stay forever!!


Much has been going on behind the scenes at Spoiled RAW’tn. I have been working for the most part since it is my busiest season being a seamstress/entrepreneur and all. I had many projects in creating custom-made wedding gowns, veils, prom & cocktail dresses,  as well as performing alterations.  You can see all my work on my facebook page CARM’N DINA.

While working full-time as a designer I also dabbled in a couple of raw’tn stuff behind closed doors. I made many purchases that has improved my life greatly leading a healthier and abundant lifestyle. The proof is in the pudding! You can see a couple of my purchases below.

I will write about how a simple water bottle can sustain heat in a bottle for up to 24 hrs as well as other benefits!

It’s a S’well water container


I will boast about “How being fit counts every bit” using my fitbit!



I will post about some items that I have bought that would aid in making my very own deodorant, toothpaste and make-up for a fraction of the cost!

ingredients for feminine products


 I am also going to write about how I said Goodbye to contacts, hello Glasses! I will show you the new way in getting the most fashionably and affordable frames that will make a statement!

Fashionable, affordable glasses


And last but not least the splurge of the century, my Blendtec. I will write a review on the pros/cons and whether it was worth every penny. When I mean every penny, I mean I got my blender for half the price with a full warranty. Find out HOW in my next couple of blogs it will be worth the wait!

I heart my Blendtec


Now you know why I took so long to write my blog. Stay tuned, I have many more subjects that I am eager to share! I Thank you for your patience and see you in my next post!



Note bene: note the milk cartoon is simply a parody on me and only me! If I offended anyone in this manner I apologize in advance . Missing people is not a joke and it should be taken seriously . They are still out there and we will never stop believing otherwise . If you have any information on missing loved ones or any news or questions about missing people please advise this link ,

Have faith, and never loose hope.

🍃This is “Mint”!! 🍃…….You gotta Read this!!!


Ok so why talk about Mint?

Not a recipe post, nor is it but a little tutorial or information desk here, just for my reference of course. I have been intrigued with mint lately because ever since I first started eating raw I used to gag when I first tried to eat mint. I hated it, but it wasn’t till recently more like this year,  I slowly added it into my recipes and drinks. I guess your taste buds and health do change over time.


Health Benefits of Mint

Mint also known as Mentha, is a genus, (genus not genius),  which contains a group of 18-25 different types of plants in the mint family.

Common Cold>mint contains menthol, which is common in most decongestants syrups or throat lozenges. The menthol is a natural decongestants which helps breaks down mucus.

Quick Recipe For Common colds->The next time you feel a cold coming on or a soar throat why not brew a cup of mint tea leaves for a fraction of the price!

Allergies->Mint is also known for its medicinal properties. It has an antioxidant known as rosmarinic acid. The rosmarinic acid has anti-inflammatory properties which alleviates any seasonal allergy symptoms.

Skin->Mint in oil, lotion, cream format or even brewed is a great cooling and calming agent when applied topically.

Quick SKIN Recipe->Boil mint leaves in water. Let it cool and strain the mixture, use as a face toner. This is great to combat acne and this toner helps keep your skin oil-free and fresh.

Digestive Benefits-> Eating mint leaves helps boosts digestion. Mint promotes the flow of bile in the stomach with ease and efficiency which makes you digest your food more quickly.This prevents from getting an upset stomach or indigestion.

Nausea and Headache->Because mint  contains menthol, the strong and refreshing scent of menthol is a quick way to remedy nausea. Mint is a natural soothing property so it can relieve inflammation such as headaches and migraines as well. So if you feel a headache or migraine coming on rub a little mint oil or mint balm on your forehead and nose for a soothing relief.



What do I use Mint for?
-face toner
-I add it in my smoothies
-I add it in my water daily
-I use it in my dessert recipes, especially in my raw homemade sorbets
-I use it in my main meals as well-You just have to stay tuned and find out!





How do you like ’em Apples? 🍏 🍎 🍎 As a Raw Apple Sauce Recipe of course 🍎

2015-04-10 10.48.52


Apple sauce is not just for babies. Yes I too devour a tablespoon of apple sauce once and awhile. It’s one of my staple sauces in my fridge. As the saying goes,” I put this sh%$#t on everything!”  I add it in my shakes, my porridge, I add it to my raw bread recipe and in my raw yogurt (yes I will post my own raw yogurt and bread recipes soon, you just have stay tuned and visit weekly). But this is not like any other apple sauce, it’s my power drug. I added a few essential ingredients that we take for granted. For instance I added celery for an additional crunchy water texture even though you hardly taste it. As well, I added turmeric for it’s amazing health benefits, one of them being that it promotes radiant skin! And I also added other spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves to get that apple pie savory taste! But enough about the recipe, your probably wondering how celery would taste in this apple sauce. Well you just have to try it!


Quick facts on Celery

Celery is a plant->The seeds and the plant itself are dried or pressed into oil for use as medicine

It’s a stress reliever-> Yes it is, it promotes relaxation! With it’s mineral content like magnesium and the essential oil in it, it helps calm down the nervous system. For better sleep results, eat celery at night!

Reduces inflammation-> If you suffer from any joint pains, gout, acne, asthma, lung infections, or even a headache, eating celery will help relieve it



Raw Apple Sauce

Tools: Food Processor or Magic Bullet, a glass jar

Note: Food processor is way easier to use for this recipe. If you’re using a magic bullet you would have to stop several times to get the right consistency

1 apple
1-2 celery sticks
juice from a lemon
3 medjool dates ( the real kind with no glucose
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp nutmeg
a dash of salt
a dash of cloves
a dash to 1/8 tsp of turmeric (optional)
1/8 cup water (optional)



(1) Add all the ingredients in the food processor and process. It’s optional to add water to facilitate. Stop occasionally to scrape the sides.

If your using a magic bullet, then add the ingredients a bit a time. Add the celery, apple and lemon, then process. You may need to add 1/8 cup of water to facilitate. Stop to scrape the sides. Add the remaining of the ingredients and process. I made mine a little tart so you can add a little more or less of the spices.

2015-04-06 10.26.07

(2) Pour the sauce into a glass jar and voila! Store in the fridge for up to 5-7 days.

2015-04-10 10.10.27 HDR






Make it Stirred not Fried 🍜..Raw Stir non’Fry


non stir fry




I’ve posted many desserts, how about some other dishes! Here’s another recipe I encountered in one of my many raw food websites. Your probably wondering, why don’t you have your own recipes? Well everyone has to start from something. So here’s another one of my favorite raw food websites, great for beginners, “RawAmazing”. It’s a raw veggie stir no fry! No pan, no stove, gluten free and rice free!! Your probably wondering why? Because there is much more nutrients in raw vegetables then when it’s cooked! Also, one of the main ingredient is soya sauce however if your against soy products, there is another product that serves it’s purpose. It’s natural, raw, it looks and tastes like soya sauce, but it’s not soy. This product is soy-free and made from raw coconut tree sap and it delivers! You can purchase the product in any food store or you an purchase in bulk order here, Coconut Secret, Raw Coconut Aminos, Soy-Free Seasoning Sauce, 8 fl oz (237 ml) (3 PACK)

Now go ahead and spoil yourself Raw’tn!

Quick Facts On Parsnips:

☞Related to the carrot family, they are white in color and sweeter than carrots

☞Rich in vitamin C and Vitamin B-complex such as Vitamin B-6,thiamin, and pantothenic acid as well as vitamin K and vitamin E.

☞Rich in minerals like, iron, calcium, copper, potassium, manganese and phosphorus.

☞Great for your weight loss, immune system, heart health and high in dietary fiber.


Non-Stir Fry

Tools: Food processor, 1 small bowl, 1 large bowl, whisk, Julienne String Peeler, knife

2 parsnips
Head of broccoli
1 carrot
3/4 cup of sliced mushrooms
1 cup of 1/2″ chopped pea pods
2 shallots diced

Sauce Ingredients:
1/4 cup olive oil
1 Tbsp honey
2 Tbsp nama shoyu  or tamari or “Raw Soy-Free Seasoning Sauce”
1 Tbsp sesame seeds (optional)
Splash of sesame oil (optional)



(1) Prepare the marinate by adding all the sauce ingredients in a small bowl and whisk.




(2) Break apart the head of broccoli into small, bite size pieces. Add the broccoli and sliced mushrooms in a large bowl and pour the sauce. Mix and let it marinate for 10 minutes.


broccoli and mushroom marinate


(3) Peel and cut the parsnips into chunks. Place the parsnips in a food processor and process until it’s coarsely chopped. It should resemble like rice.


chopped parsnips


(4) Peel the carrots and use the Julienne Stringer peeler and cut into 1″ strips. If you don’t have a string peeler, just use your knife and cut the carrots into thin matchsticks  1″ strips.


string peeler and carrots

(5) Prepare the other ingredients (carrots, pea pods, shallots, parsnips), place the remaining of the ingredients into the broccoli and mushroom marinate and mix until it’s all well coated.

This is optional but sprinkle black or white sesame seeds on top of the salad and add a splash of sesame seed oil for more taste. Enjoy!


stir non-fry mix




RAW..huh yeah……… What is it good for?


Raw, huh yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely anything, oh hoh, oh
Raw huh yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely everything, say it again y’all

Oh, raw, I’m surprised
‘Cause it means encouraging many lives
Raw means opening up your taste-buds and eyes
To something healthy, energetic and alive

Here’s a little play on words on Edwin Starr – War Lyrics

 Make raw not war !!

Back to reality. So why raw? What is it all about? Is it healthy? Your probably thinking, “great healthy=expensive”  and the preparation time is tiresome. In my defense, we invest in many materialistic things like our car, our house, our electronic gadgets, why not invest and educate ourselves. I am not going to sugar coat it, it is tedious, preparation time is lengthy and yes it may be expensive, but in the end the results speak for themselves. Eating raw kills many birds with one stone. I eat healthy and the latter you just have to keep reading below. Let’s just say this is the one investment I get a return on. So go ahead make raw and not war with our bodies.

What is “raw foods” you ask?

It is basically what it states, foods that are uncooked and/or unprocessed. It consists of a plant base, organic foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, herbs, spices, seaweeds, as well as eggs, meat, fish and dairy products. There are several techniques to prepare many edible raw dishes. The foods are either prepared cold, warm, fermented, soaked, sprouted or dehydrated, so as long it cannot be heated over 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Foods heated over a certain temperature may destroy its natural enzymes and its nutritional value.

What are its benefits? I can give you a list of what it has done for me, and so I shall

  • It has improved my digestion (yes I regularly go to the little girls room)
  • Overall improved my skin’s appearance (I no longer have acne)
  • I maintained weight loss (I no longer have food cravings)
  • It has improved my senses ( My taste buds are suddenly heightened)
  • I discovered food intolerance (I can no longer eat bread or dairy)
  • It got me educated and disciplined on nutrition, health and chemical free DIY beauty tips/routines

So now you know what raw foods entitles, I will focus on recipes with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, herbs, spices, seaweeds and some dairy (Dairy? I thought you are intolerant to dairy? Yes you just have to wait and see).  So if your still reading my blog it means that you are still interested. Great! On my next blog I will discuss food preparations, the basic  tools and staple foods I use in the kitchen.

Until then go spoil yourself Raw’tn!!!



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