5 Survival tips on Growing Out your Grey!



So you decided to grow out your grey naturally!! So now what? Well let me be the first person to congratulate you on your transition! Enjoy the journey and explore your new self. The transformation is very lengthy and not an easy one at that. So through my experience, I am here to share with you my very own top 5 survival tips and tricks to ease the process .

ONE – Be Mentally Prepared


To be mentally prepared means you can visualize the outcome and you accepted it. You acknowledged the fact that every month your roots will grow freely and that you will soon face your critics. If you have your mind set on this then it will be smooth sailing . You are probably wondering how do you mentally prepare yourself. It’s all about confidence and believing that it will turn out ok, besides, in the end it just hair. In all honesty, I gained most of my confidence by googling  the “grey hair trend”.  I was fascinated on how it was trending so freely. I felt secure and reassured that grey hair was no longer going to be associated with aging, but rather than just another common hair color all thanks to the web. Remember these images on the net are there forever, so go ahead take that step and go crazy !!


TWO-Create a Grey Hair Board 


With the amount of different shades of grey, hair styles and cuts, that are on the net, I was impressed. So I was inspired to create a “vision grey hair board ” (as seen above). I loved it so much I made it as home screen on my phone.  It was kind of like a pick me up, especially in the in between stages of growing out your hair. And you know what, it helped me tremendously, especially when I had to face my critics. (See my next survival tip)


THREE-Tell your Family & Friends First 


Ok the above pic is an exaggeration of how my family and friends reacted after I told them about my hair goals . However, it was actually the nae-Sayers, strangers  and critics who actually made that face. This is why it is important to tell your loved ones first, they will be your first critics, so you might as well hear it from them. In my experience, I told my family and friends, right after my last henna hair dye. I was mentally prepared for my outcome. Surely, I got some shocked looks, gasps and a bunch of “why’s”, but in the end they supported me. They knew I could pull it off due to my ever changing looks in the past. And as I shared my story  more and more, it eventually got easier explaining it literally to anyone. And believe me, people will ask , especially after your roots will show just under 1/4″ in length. They will probably hint it to you by suggesting a hair salon ever so diplomatically. And this is where your

✌🏻visual grey hair board✌🏻️

will come in handy to defend yourself amongst the haters. 👉🏼in my case, I persuaded my critics hinting IT to them that grey hair is here to stay . 💁🏼🎤 <dropped the mike>  Boom!


FourTake lots of Selfies


Not to be a narcissist or anything, but taking a lot of selfies helped me through my transition.  I did it so I could share my evolution on social media. And in doing so with Instagram (@spoiled.raw.tn) I made a couple of friends going through the same process as I was. We ended up exchanging stories, giving tips and especially supported one another.

And to add, growing out your roots takes a long time, extremely long time, so it’s nice to have something to look back upon .

So grab your phone and take that first shot, who knows maybe someday you will post about your transition and inspire someone else to do the same!


Five Find yourself ! 


Yes! Yes ! Yes! Discover yourself! Remember you are not only changing your hair color, your improving your lifestyle and everything around you.
In my case, I went from wearing contacts to wearing big, cat eye frames and bold jewelry necklaces to distract my critics ! And it worked !

If you need some sort of inspiration, creat another “vision board” of how you want to see your new self! .( see above pic) Gather images of hairstyles, cuts, your new wardrobe or color palette! In doing so you will feel more relaxed and optimistic with your new look!

I loved changing my unconventional look. The more I updated my style, the more confident I became . So much so my critics started to accept me for who I am .


I hope you find these tips helpful !! Feel free to comment and add your tips below!

Thanks again and don’t forget to spoil yourself Raw’tn!!


“The Silver Lining” of GOING GRAY


So this is what happened…I stopped dying my hair and finally accepted going fully grey at 36.


First thoughts running through anyones mind, especially mine are,

WHY, why, WHY, WhY, wHy, Y, Y, Y ..
WHHHHHYYYYYYY, don’t do it!!!

Well this a sacred question….
Why am I actually doing it?
What led me to finally accept what nature gave me at such a young age?
Why did I mask it for so long ?

In all honesty I never thought I would ever go in public with my hair being in a mature state. If you have told me 5 years ago I would stop dying my hair, I would have told you to Eff Off.

I remember noticing white hairs in my 20’s. Of course I was in denial, I thought I was going naturally ash blonde, (at least that was what my mother used to tell me) nope it was a bunch of white hairs growing in underneath the crown of my head. I could never really explain how I got it at such a young age, but I do know genetics and hereditary plays an exceptional role. Most of my family members from my mothers side started to go grey at a young age. My great-aunt started to go fully white at age 30, never dyed it and lived to be 93 with no health scare in her lifetime. I guess back then 30 was the new 60, which meant that you were mature and wise for your age. I on the other hand hated having white hair. I am not talking about having one or two grey strands. I am talking about having a head full of more than 50 % white/grey hairs growing in ever so quickly every 2 weeks. But since I was so ashamed of my white hairs I started dying it, the most efficient solution. I would schedule my life literally around my hair, coloring in my roots. I was a slave to my hair. The worst was when I would go on lengthy vacations. I would hide my roots wearing bandanas, covering my hair thinking it was a fashion trend. All this to say that my hair was my life.

Since I had no other choice but to dye my hair, I figure why not have fun with it!! I went from being a brunette in my adolescent years to being every shade of blonde (highlights, dark blonde, strawberry blonde, beach blonde ) in my 20’s.
See photos below,


It wasn’t until in my 30’s, I finally settled on being a beautiful auburn using only henna as the most cost-effective, safest and natural method.  As a blonde my hair became very dry in texture due to the constant bleaching and it was costing me an arm an a leg including my time to get the end results. Thanks to the age of the internet I researched the heck in finding the easiest and safest alternative to treat my hair, hence henna was born. And so I landed on this amazing page Henna for Hair . It’s a great knowledge base site about dying your hair with henna. I ordered a couple of packages from their site and the rest was history!

(Note if you do decide to dye your hair with henna, the quality of henna from this site is really good. The texture of the henna was fine and easy to apply, very smooth. And it really covered all my greys). 

Yes it is a messy and lengthy process, but boy did my hair shine in the sunlight. It took about an hour to apply the mud paste onto my head and 6- 8 hours to settle in my hair for best results. And then Voila! See pics below…


I never had so many positive compliments being a redhead as I did being a blonde. But of course to every pro there is a con. I was using henna for a good 3 years and I did notice that my hair lost its curliness and my scalp was getting dry and itchy during the winter months, but I did not make much of a fuss, I loved it! Nothing could every change my mind…

[ So I guess at this point if your still reading I thank you for your patience in advance and your probably wondering “ok where is the part where she actually decides to go grey?” Well here it is…read further below ]

It was near the end of June 2015 and I was overdue for a root touch-up. So I go to my local grocery store preparing to clear out the shelf of henna until I found out that they no longer had it in stock and that I would have to wait a good few weeks. Instead of frantically going crazy finding my henna pusher, I literally changed my train of thought. I immediately went online searching for other safe hair products and I landed on this unique blog called How Bourgeois . I was in utter amazement and in shock as I landed on this blog.  A young woman by the name of Lauren, wrote a blog about her transition of going grey. I was thinking, here it is, a blog about someone going through the same struggles as I have. She made the color grey look so beautiful. I read her posts inside/out and just went on stalking spree,  googling “white hair tends, white hair, silver hair” and I was in complete shock. See photo below.

silver hair trends

Suddenly having “grey hair” was the “in” thing. Younger woman were asking to dye their hair silver. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Finally acceptance….grey hair at any age!!

It was at that moment I secured the deal. I started to let my hair down and let my roots grow out on June 24, 2015 and I never looked back. I am writing to you today close to the 6 month mark of going grey and my journey is still a long one, with no regrets. However the true “silver lining” behind my journey was during the 6 months in transitioning.  I soon found out that my mother had skin cancer at the crown of her head know as “basal cell carcinoma”. A type of skin cancer that is malignant and it can be removed safely without causing harm if treated early. See photo below.

From what doctors say, it is a cancer that was caused by too much sun (since my mother is so fair skin with light eyes). However, I have reason to believe that it’s a combination of things besides the sun being its sole catalyst.  My mother stopped going in the sun in her 60’s (she is presently in her 70’s) and she is taking several medications. But the only thing she did consume the most was hair dye. She consumed it so much so that she eventually got a pimple at the crown of her head. She then stopped dying her hair because her scalp became sensitive to hair products. I would beg my mother to not let her roots grow in (this was 2 years ago) because it looked odd having the division of white and brown hair. But as months went by that little pimple later turned into a blister, the size of a dime, which ended up as a form of skin cancer. Luckily my mother got it diagnosed quickly and the doctors sliced the layer of skin that was harmful and is cancer free. It was during that time I felt proud of growing out my roots, almost like a badge of honor. It’s a symbol of my mothers background and genetics passed on from one generation to another.

My mother always told me less is more and accept what nature gave you. For all these years I tried to hide myself with make-up, hair dye and beauty products to look a certain way. All this made me ill to believe that we are so consumed of beauty and feminine consumable products to make ourselves appear forever young. A stigma, equating grey with old age . But it took 30+ years to let go of the petroleum, dependent products, to be free with myself and to discover that there are other natural methods to heal rather than tarnish.

Now that you discovered “the silver lining” behind my decision I thank you for reading my blog. I hope this was insightful and inspiring. I think if more people engage and accept “the gray hair movement ” maybe it will be the norm and only a myth of it being associated with aging.

I will post more blogs about transitioning into grey and the final outcome. Stay tuned!

Don’t forget to spoil yourself raw’tn!