I was nominated to post one picture that makes me proud to be a dog owner on Fb. This is my reason !



Proud Dog Owner

So I was nominated to post a single picture that makes me proud to be a dog owner! You are probably wondering why this is relevant to my blog? Well let’s just say both my dog and I spoil each other rotten!! My Kobi has taught me unconditional love and loyalty. This is my story behind my picture.

Growing up I was never really allowed to have a pet in the house, unless it lived in a tank filled with water, rocks and some sort of silicone plantation. My parents thought it was too demanding and dirty. So luckily, back in the late 80’s, the hottest toys were pound puppies. One of my fondest memories as a kid was opening my gift, Christmas Eve and uncovering a miniature, light brown pound puppy! I was so ecstatic that I was too eager to give it a name. I treated that stuffed animal as if it were real. I remember bringing my dog everywhere, especially to school. But it wasn’t until one day I arrived home from school and noticed I have misplaced my pound puppy!!! OMG!! I went ballistic!! I was crying like there was no tomorrow. I went on a desperate man hunt to find my dog but I never ended up finding it. I was so sad, crying everyday wanting my toy back. My mother tried to distract me by teaching me how to sew to get my mind off things but it steered me into making my own version of a pound puppy out of cloth, somehow it just didn’t ease the pain. I had all the toys at my disposable, Barbie dolls, other stuffed toys but it wasn’t the same. I think it was the first time I ever went through a depression lol.
Months passed and I was celebrating my 8th birthday. I was handed a big box as a gift having no clue as to what it was. I unwrapped it and to my surprise I saw a big, dark brown, stuffed, pound puppy with droopy eyes. My mom bought me a bigger version so I wouldn’t lose it again. My heart melted and I became overjoyed. I remember I named it “Sparky”, a simple 2 syllable name. I even wrote it on the back of his heart collar, along with my phone number. Lol !!! I easily became attached to my new dog because I finally got a second chance in owning a pound puppy. I loved my dog, it guarded me from the monsters underneath my bed, and it protected me from the lightning storms I was once afraid of. I felt safe having my puppy around me at all times. I loved it so much that I brought it with me to my high school grade 9 trip to Toronto, and kept it by my side all way in my 20’s. As I grew older, I used my toy more as a head support then what I originally used for. I think after I moved out at age 25 that was the last thing I left behind at my parents place and I never questioned it until…..
Fast forward to my late 20’s, early 30’s, I never had a feeling or even a thought about owning a pet. It was also during the time Facebook was slowly getting recognition and I signed up for it in early 2007. I was consumed by this network of personal news that I was merely looking at posts of pics of babies and pets. And I remember I was truly annoyed at looking at these images that I never understood why owners would treat these animals as if they were their child. I just couldn’t grasp it, I thought it was crazy. But it wasn’t until November 2012… I felt disconnected and incomplete. I started to do research on cute, small, dogs. I saw more and more pics come up on my news feed that I became attached. Back then I lived back home with my mom so I had to convince her in owning a pet. Besides, I was old enough to make my decision in owning a dog, I figured why not give it a try. And so, I asked my mom several times, every time I pushed her she turned down the idea. So I left it at that.
It wasn’t until January -February 2013, my life changed in an instant, I met my BF and his companion Kobi.

Kobi, back then was a 2-year-old Rottweiler full of energy and spunk. The first time I met Kobi he left a trail of pee in front me because he was so excited of my presence. But it wasn’t till Kobi followed a series of commands that completely changed my thought process on big dogs. With a few simple words , “Up, Down, roll, paw and kiss”, Kobi sealed the deal. To my amazement Kobi followed through and obeyed without hesitation. This was the first time I saw this kind of interaction between master and dog. I immediately fell in love with Kobi (as well as my future companion/BF lol) and life slowly became to unfold itself.
It wasn’t till one day, Kobi laid flat on his stomach, head down, with his eyes very droopy staring at me that it hit me. He looked exactly like my pound puppy. I couldn’t believe it. It was like it all came together. Before I met my BF, I originally wanted to own a small, miniature dog but it never fell through. Just like when I got my miniature, stuffed, pound puppy as a kid, I never really held on to it for more than a month. And now here I am owning my very own big, pound puppy. (Well Rottweiler ) it’s funny how life catches up to you and makes you realize that ” it ” (it meaning your job, life lessons, your goals, or your past ) is always there to guide you through your next lesson in life.
After I discovered that theory, I immediately went to my moms place desperately searching for my old pound puppy. My mom later told me that, (like everything else that meant the world to me ) she threw it away because it was old and it had a hole. I was disappointed and in disbelief but can you blame her? I was in my 30’s there was no point in keeping it lol. In the end I merely wanted to find it so I can take a picture of it, show its resemblance of Kobi and then disregard it. Besides I have my real version lol’ and I’m thankful for that !
So now that you know my story on how I became a dog owner, lets cut to the chase. The picture I chose that made me proud to be a dog owner is the picture above. It was June 2013 and it was the first time I ever took care of Kobi on my own. I eagerly took him to the park that day and made the best of it. We walked around the block, ran to the park, played fetch and took a selfie to capture that moment in time. As I look back at that picture, Kobi and I have come a long way. He made me so proud to be an owner because he literally taught me how to be a dog owner through trial and error during the time we spent together (especially when we transitioned to his raw food diet). With patience and guidance he showed me unconditional love even during my off days. His grand stature would sometimes scare others who were afraid of dogs in the beginning, but as soon as they met with My Kobi, they immediately fell in love with him. We call it “the Kobi Effect”. He turned many dog haters into dog lovers, one of them being my mother. My mother till this day is his number #1 fan, her protector and is known to him as “Nonna”. She loves him as if it her own. He just exudes so much happiness and admiration.
Fast forward to 2016, and Kobi is presently 5 years old still having that same spunk the first time I laid eyes on him. His intelligence has surpassed my expectations since he now knows how to hug, how to fetch his own collar (especially if he wants to go for a walk ) and he knows a few tricks up his sleeves . But I slowly see his white hairs merging through. His age is slowing catching up to him since a dog’s life span is just a couple more years. Hence he has taught me to try to make the best of everything. His days consist of waking us up, eat, walk, play, smile, hug, eat some more and fall back to asleep. If only life were that simple, or maybe it is and we just take life for granted. I now get what is all the fuss in owning a pet . It literally is an extension of yourself . I am so thankful to have Kobi and my BF still by my side guarding me from the monsters underneath my bed and protecting me from any danger.

I hope you have enjoyed my little story on Kobi! I’ll probably make a section on dogs since he’s one of the biggest pleasure that spoils me RAW’tn!!

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FYI, I managed to find an image identical to my first, miniature and my second, large pound puppy, and took a picture of my Kobi . The resemblance is un canning!!

Pound puppies

Pound Puppies