Like I give a “crepe” 👉this is dehydrated!


Yes…you do need a dehydrator to make this amazing recipe, but don’t turn away just yet! You can use your oven too!! You just set it at the lowest temperature and let it bake for a few hours, it’s like baking a turkey without the mess! Once you get the hang of it, you can make as much as you can and store it for the week!

This recipe only takes 2 ingredients, flax and bananas! The two combined makes for a creamy smooth texture and when dehydrated it makes for a pliable, leather texture that you can eat it as a snack as is.

I am sharing this recipe because this was one of my first recipes I tried after I just bought my dehydrator and it’s amazing!! You are probably wondering, what a waste of money. You can only make dried fruits. I think of it as an investment. Since I bought my dehydrator, I never stopped using it. I made so many recipes and I am still discovering new things. So far I have made   bread, crackers, fruit roll ups, dried fruits, seasoned nuts and seeds mix, eggplant bacon, my famous kale chips and soo much more that I can go on, but luckily I have my blog!



Quick Facts on Dehydrators:

☞Dehydrators are not expensive to run, they run on a heating element, fans and vents. They work together to remove the moisture.

☞The heating element, warms the food causing it to release moisture. The fans then blow out the warm moisture out of dehydrator through the vents.

☞The heating element is controlled by a thermostat, therefore the heat is controlled to a steady temperature by switching on an off periodically.

☞The energy used are dependant on many factors like, food moisture content, the drying temperature, the thickness of the food, the humidity level in the environment, the quantity of foods being dried etc.

☞  Bacteria thrive on moisture and water, so by removing moisture from certain foods, it prevents it from spoiling and it increase shelf life.

☞Check this site out if you want to  calculate the consumption of a dehydrator


If you are still interested in purchasing a dehydrator, you can check my previous post on a  dehydrator!

No do you really give a “crepe” this is dehydrated!



Crepes Recipe

Tools: Dehydrator (Or Oven, instructions below)
Food processor, spatula,
Plastic food wrap,
Parchment paper

2-3 ripe bananas
1 Tbsp of ground flax
1 Tbsp of coconut oil



Dehydrator Directions:

(1) Add the bananas into the food processor and blend.



(2) Add the flax into the puree and process until well mixed.



(3) Prepare the dehydrator solid sheets by greasing it with coconut oil so it will be easy to remove when dried. (If you do not have enough dehydrator sheets then use parchment paper and grease it)



(4) Spread the mixture evenly on the dehydrator sheets, and spread it so it’s about 1/8″ in thickness. Use the spatula, butter knife or in my case I just used my fingers! You want to make sure it’s distributed evenly and smooth, no clumps.  The thinner the thickness of the crepe, the faster it will dehydrate.



(5) Set your dehydrator for 115F,  dehydrate for 3-5 hours or until dry to touch. It should be dry enough so you can easily remove it from the tray, but pliable. It should not be brittle.The outer sides are usually the ones that get dry first. So if it’s ready, start from the side and gently remove the crepes. If it starts to break leave it alone and let it dry for another 30min. to an hour and set it to the lowest temperature at this point.(check regularly)


(6) Once it’s completely dried on one side, remove it from the sheet. If it’s still sticky and wet dehydrate the opposite side for an 1 hr on the lowest temperature.(check regularly) Do not over dehydrate or else it will be too dry and brittle.

(7) Transfer the crepes onto a cutting board and you can cut them up into squares or leave the shape of the crepes as is.

(8) To prepare the crepes, spread any nut butter or chocolate avocado pudding. Top with any fruits, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, coconut shreds or any garnish you have lying around. Roll them up and enjoy with maple syrup!



(9) For storage, use plastic food wrap or parchment paper and roll them up, and store in an air tight container. Keep in fridge for up to.. in all honesty I don’t know for how long you can store it in the fridge. I eat them up right away every morning that it never lasts for more than a week! They are that good!




Oven Directions:

(1) Add the bananas into the food processor and blend.

(2) Add the flax into the puree and process until mixed.

(3) Prepare your cookie sheet. Grease the parchment paper with coconut oil so it will be easy to remove.

(4) Pour the puree onto the cookie sheet and distribute it evenly on the sheet, about 1/8″ in thickness. Use the spatula, butter knife or fingers to spread it evenly. Make sure there are no clumps. (I separate my mixtures into little rectangles so it will be easier to remove and manage, refer to dehydrator pic above.)

(5)Place in the oven at 175F, for 3-6 hrs  or until center is dry, but still pliable. (Note:baking time is dependant on thickness of the crepe and oven, so check regularly)

(6) Once the crepes are dry, remove from the oven and let it cool.

(7) Once cooled, gently remove the crepes from the parchment paper.

(8) Prepare your crepes by spreading it with any nut butter or chocolate spread and garnish with any toppings of your choice!

(9) For storage, wrap them up in parchment paper or plastic food wrap and store in an air tight container. Keep in fridge for about 1 week.


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Just “Puddin” in my mouth 💋 Mmm Avocado your so good 🍵

avocado pudding w/chocolate chips

avocado pudding

Now that I got your attention after reading the head title, get your mind out of the gutter and think “avocado”.

First thing that comes to your mind is, AVOCADO = guacamole, or some sort of salty dip. Because of its rich and creamy texture you can easily manipulate its taste. During the beginning stages of experimenting with raw food recipes, I came across this unknown dessert known as “Chocolate Avocado Pudding” from The Delicious Revolution . The moment I tasted the tip of that spatula covered in chocolate avocado, my life changed. I thought this was revolutionary. How can something so tasteless be so sweet and almost sinful. And so I experimented with the recipe and took it a step further. Well you just have to keep on reading below and try it out for yourself! It’s no big deal I just omitted the raw cacao powder and surprisingly it was just as delicious. Now, I often make this recipe so I can spread it on my raw crepes (recipe soon to come), my raw pancakes  or I eat it as is! I hope you enjoy it!

Below are helpful tips and tricks on the avocado itself! And I also cover regular and chocolate avocado puddings! Enjoy!!


Helpful Avocado Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: Is your avocado ripe enough for this pudding?avocados

Do you ever wonder how you can tell when your avocado is ripe. Well thanks to the magic of the internet I came across this tip.
Remove the dry little button on the stem.
Green stem = “perfect avocado”
Brown stem = “it will be a slimy brown mess inside”

Tip 2: How to ripen an avocado in 24 hrs
 Now what happens when you bought a bunch of hard avocados because they were on sale and you need them the next day. Again thanks for this tip, it actually works.

Tools: Brown bag,
Ingredient: avocado, a banana or apple

(1) Put the avocado in a brown bag with either an apple or banana.
(2) Place it in your pantry or a dark area. And Voila!

Reason behind it: The ripening process which occurs naturally in fruits like avocados, bananas or apples are triggered from a plant hormone known as ethylene. When the avocado is placed in a brown bag along side the banana this will trap and produce more ethylene gases which causes the avocado to ripen faster together.


Avocado Pudding Recipe

Tools: Food processor, spatula

2 ripe avocados
1/3 honey (maple syrup or agave)
2 Tbsp of coconut oil
1 Tbsp of vanilla
pinch of salt
1 tsp of lemon (optional)


(1) Add the ripe avocados, honey, coconut oil, vanilla, salt, lemon in the food processor and mix.

(2) Stop occasionally to scrape the sides using a spatula.
(3) Serve as is or add chocolate chips of your choice to garnish.
chocolate chip garnish
(4) Store in an air tight container or mason jar and you can keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days.
Note: There is a reason why lemon was added to the recipe. When an avocado is cut open, the cellular walls of the avocado oxidizes as it’s broken into, turning into a brownish hue. So to slow down the oxidation, you apply something acidic to the flesh, hence the lemon. If the lemon is omitted and you store it in the fridge, all of you have to do is mix the discolored pudding and it’s still tastes just as good.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe

You can also expand the avocado pudding recipe into a “Chocolate Avocado” pudding.
☞Just add 1-2 Tbsp of cacao powder (or more depending on your tastebuds)
Add 1-2 Tbsp honey (if needed), then blend to taste.
☞You can also add 1 or 2 Tbsp of almond milk into the mix to make it more light and fluffy like a mousse.
☞If you want more of a kick add a dash of cayenne near the end! And Voila!
(Important Note:You can omit the lemon if your making a chocolate avocado pudding because cacao powder will cover the brownish hue).
Sorry I didn’t post a pic of the end result. It was that good that I couldn’t put the spoon down.




Avocado Quick Fact Reminder:

Now that you devoured the pudding here’s a quick fact. Apart from being known as having plenty of healthy, “good fats”, avocados also contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals. They are,
High in potassium (containing more per weight than bananas).
Rich in vitamin K, vitamin B9, vitamin B6, vitamin B5 vitamin C, and vitamin E.2

 Now, how do you like them “avocados”?

Saturday Morning 🍴 Pancakes🍌


raw rolled oats, flax, hemp pancakes


When I was a child I was always looking forward to Saturdays. Because that was the day I would wake up early morning and I would start cooking up a storm making my favorite meal, my “Saturday morning pancakes”. And of course as time went on, I grew up and I no longer felt the same excitement as I did. Like every other person who cared about body image, I started to shy away from pancakes because of the dreaded C word (Carbs). But thank goodness for raw foods I no longer feel guilty, my love of pancakes came back. But this time I’m nourishing my body from the inside out, and I get to eat my Saturday pancakes every day.

As mentioned eating raw foods you tend to mimic the foods you indulge and you try to make a healthy version of it. And so I tried to make my own pancake recipe. The pancakes I made are moist, sweet and it’s dairy, gluten and egg free. The key ingredients are flax, rolled oats and hemp, which are rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. The best part of being a raw foodist is that you can experiment with any type of ingredient once you know their texture and their key roles in raw foods. Hence, I used flax because after a few minutes when mixed with water it forms a sticky paste. So when mixed with rolled oats and hemp it resembled a dough like mixture. The ingredients I created is according to my taste buds, so you can manipulate it according to your liking.


Tools: food processor, cookie sheet, round cookie cutter, parchment paper

1 1/4 cup of rolled oats
1/2 cup of ground flax seeds
1/2 cup of hemp (optional, you can substitute with rolled oats)
4 tbsp of coconut oil
4 tbsp of honey (you can also use maple syrup or agave)
1/8 cup of water (optional)
1/4 cup of coconut flour
1/4 of coconut crystals (optional)


(1) Add the rolled oats in the food processor and process until its a fine powder.
(2) Add in the flax, hemp, honey, coconut oil, honey and mix well. The pancake mixture should be sticky enough so you can make patties. Add water only if needed, if the batter is dry add water 1/2 Tbsp at a time. If it’s too sticky add a bit more rolled oats



(3) Get your cookie sheet ready. Dust some coconut flour and coconut crystals on the cookie sheet so you can lay it out and flatten out the pancake mixture.
(4) Take small scoops of the pancake mixture at a time and sprinkle some flour so it will be easy to manage.
(5) Flatten the mixture to 1/4″ thick (or desired thickness) and take the cookie cutter and shape them into pancakes. This should make about 8 pancakes.

(6) Keep them stored in air tight container separated with parchment paper so they won’t stick to each other. Store it in the fridge, they are good for up to 5 days.


It’s best to eat the pancakes with fruits and top it with warm maple syrup.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and you spoil yourself Rawt’n!!