Hello, my name is Carla and I am from Montreal, Canada. I am in my late 30’s and it took me until now to figure out that “life is better living raw, simple and naturally”.

In my 20’s I was naive and young. I was consumed about hair, cosmetics and vanity. I became toxic because I did not know what I was putting into my body. It wasn’t until in my early 30’s that my body was not the same as it used to be. My weight would fluctuate, I still had issues with acne (even in my 30’s) and I was constantly fatigued. I tried all kinds of over the counter cosmetics for my acne and I would skip meals to be a certain weight, but nothing helped. Until I watched a documentary called “Food Inc”. It has totally changed my way of thinking about nutrition, health and much more. I then became curious about what I was putting into my body. I would spend hours on the internet going from one website to another, like a chain reaction. I was so consumed, but in a good way. I felt relieved and passionate about healthier meals, like raw foods. I not only dabbled into raw foods, I took a fondness of making my own natural, feminine products that would steer away from consumable items we cannot live without.  If there is one thing that I learned, it is that there is not enough school education about proper nutrition and/or fitness and/or natural remedies. If we learn to communicate about the natural route, then we could live an abundant life using the natural resources that we have, instead of being depleted. And so, I created this blog as a reference of all of things I have experienced along my healthy journey and how it has impacted my life.  My posts will be about raw food recipes, natural beauty regimens (like DIY toothpaste, deodorant, perfumes, etc) to product reviews.


Welcome to my blog. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read any of my content and posts. Go ahead spoil your self raw’tn!!




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