Fashionably Converted πŸ”„ -5 Ways to do itπŸ‘—-

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Short Story on my new clothing line

I’ll make this short and sweet!

You: “Where’s the raw recipe this week?”

Me: “Yes it’s a food blog but out of a million other raw food blogs I am making this a unique site by incorporating sustainable clothing, jewelry and beauty DIY!

When I was young I would design multi purpose, reversible clothing, which I enjoyed wearing.

Forward 25 years later, I am designing convertible clothing called “Fashionably Converted””

It’s spoiling yourself raw’tn from the inside out!


The Long story with an “Awwww…. moment”

You are probably wondering why I am posting a dress and not my weekly raw recipes. Yes it is a food blog, but somehow since there are sooo many other food blogs I had to make this site stand out. In my “About” page I mentioned that I am also a fashion designer. I make custom clothing and I do alterations for my local clients. But somehow through my raw food journey I discovered many facets about living a natural, humble lifestyle. I used to spend so much money on many items that I hardly wear or consume and I end up throwing it out. So I went back to my roots. Wearing clothes that serve a purpose and that will maintain longevity. I went back to basics.

Ever since I could remember, I grew up having my clothes made by my amazing mother. While kids would get spoiled once a week in toys stores, my mother would treat me by going to our local fabric store down the street. I would be in awe and I would run from one fabric to another knowing exactly what I wanted from each textile. And it wouldn’t be a simply apparel, I would make sure it would be practical and one of a kind! I would design clothes that were used in multiple ways so I wouldn’t make my mother break her budget. I remember one of my first designs that came to life was my “New kids on the Block” green reversible coat. I was in love with an all boy band named “New Kids on the block” and so I made my mother make a reversible coat with the name of the band on the hem of the coat. The coat itself was interchangeable, I can wear it inside and out.Β  I also designed many jumpsuits which back then wasn’t very modern or stylish but deep down I believed that this was going to be the norm some day.

Fast forward to 25 years and I am designing pieces that are back to basics. Multi way clothing that will accommodate your lifestyle, your body shape and your bank. It’s everyday apparel that can be extended in a weeks worth of clothing. I believe in clothing that serves a purpose, yet still be fashionable. So here I am posting my love for convertible clothing called “Fashionably Converted”. Eventually you will be to purchase my line! Stay Tuned!

So enough about me, here’s my first apparel post! A dress that I frequently wear long, but somehow, I made it versatile wearing it in many ways. Because of it’s single side slit, and stretchy material I can wear many ways See below!

Converting: A Long dress to short, 5 ways to do it!!

Fitted, stretchy fabric,
Long dress has a slit on the left side.

This long dress can be warn as is or you can play with the hem and make it any length you desire. Love this dress, since it’s great when traveling and it can be styled up or casual!

(1) Long Look: Leave as is

(2) Ankle fitted look: Take the bottom hem and tie it on the side

(3) Knee length look: Take the hem, and tie it to desired length

(4) Short look: To make it into a short look, fold the hem all the way up to your waist from the inside to make it your desired length.

(5) Angular gem look: Start from the hip level and take the fabric and pull up until desired look.





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